Studying in UK from Sri Lanka is an interesting academic journey and life experience for international students. Excellent teaching, globally recognised universities, a rich cultural heritage and a diverse culture are just some of the reasons why international students choose to study in the UK.

Join us as we explore the educational journey to the UK for Sri Lankan students, covering choosing the right University and course, Visa process, Student Accommodation, Part time Jobs ,admission, finances, and more. Let’s discover why it’s a fantastic choice.

University of Northampton, is one of the youngest universities in the UK but they we are already leading the way in adding value to society, which they call social impact. They have won multiple awards for our work in this area, among others, but what matters the most to them is ensuring that their students and graduates have the opportunity to make their mark on the world too. UON was the first university in the UK to be named as a Changemaker Campus in 2012, and all UONL programmes are designed to ensure it aligns with the University’s Strategic Plan and Changemaker provisions.

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