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40 foot container worth more than £200,000 with Medical Supplies to Sri Lanka Hospitals from UK

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Sylvia Lanka Foundation have loaded their 20th Container at Sylvia Lanka Foundation Warehouse in Uxbridge, London on 24th June 2022. They would like to thank the President of COSMOS, Mr Shakeer Nawas and his colleagues for their tremendous support and the sponsorship of this good cause. And they also thank fantastic volunteers who dedicate their valuable time to supporting the loading of this 40 foot container.

The Council of Sri Lankan Muslim Organisations UK (COSMOS UK) is an umbrella body covering 26 expatriate Sri Lankan Muslim (Social and Religious) community Organisation in the UK.

Sylvia Lanka Foundation is a reputable registered UK charity founded by Mr Vernon Udugampola.

Mr Vernon Udugampola’s dream to impact the lives of poor children became a reality when he founded the charity in 2004 initially under the name ‘Sylvia International Relief Foundation (SIRF).’ As a charismatic and kind-hearted man, Mr Vernon was deeply troubled by the impoverished lives led by children particularly following the aftermath of natural disasters. He coordinated with his immediate family and registered the initiative as a UK Charity Commission, naming it after his beloved mother. Mr Vernon’s humanitarian actions have not gone unnoticed. He was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) by the Queen of England for his gracious acts.

More Information- Sylvia Lanka Foundation

More Information - COSMOS UK:

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