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Emergency Relief Fund - Association of Professional Sri Lankans in the UK (APSL-ERF)


Emergency Relief Fund (APSL -ERF was relaunched on the 10th May 2021, to assist the ongoing COVID19 pandemic relief works in Sri Lanka

Since the launching of the COVID relief appeal, APSL has donated to date several essential items and equipment to the following hospitals in Sri Lanka.

Please continue to support this urgent appeal to provide medical supplies to hospitals and dry rations to Sri Lankans who struggle financially using either of the links below. We continue to get requests from Sri Lanka to help support our COVID19 related medical as well as non-medical needs. web/charity/displayCharityCampaignPage.action?charityCampaignUrl=APSLEmergencyResponseFund

Kanthale Base Hospital, Trincomallee District

• Public Announcement (PA) systems

• Water dispensers

These items were handed over to the Dr D.G.Malinton Costa - Director of Base Hospital Kanthale, Dr Tharaka – Anastatic Consultant, Dr Nilakshani Madurapperuma - Paediatric Consultant by Mr. Dhaminda Kumaranayaka – Bio Medical Engineering Team, on behalf of APSL.

APSL wishes to thank Mr. Sanjeewa Rathaweera and Mr. Dhaminda Kumaranayaka for their dedication, commitment and kind coordination and all our donors for supporting the course.

Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital

• 100 units of 3M N 95 Health Care Particulate Respirator Surgical Masks for Medical staff

• 500 units of Medi Care Reusable KN95 5-Ply Respirator masks for patients

On behalf of APSL, Dr. Mahasen Neththikumara – Consultant Oncologist handed over the items to Dr. Indunil Aruna Shantha - Medical Officer Oncology, Dr Aruna Dharmasena – Medical Officer Oncology, Mr. Sugath & Mrs. Thalatha.

APSL wishes to thank Dr. Mahasen Neththikumara, Mr Sheran, Mr Shohan from Shield Medical for their dedication, commitment and kind coordination and all our donors for supporting the cause

APSL also contributed to the appeal from Sri Lankan medical & Dental Association in the UK(SLMDA-U.K.), to donate 1000 pulse oximeters (each Pulse Oximeter costs £10) to Ceylon college of Physicians

These donations were fully funded from the kind donations received, from APSL members and Sri Lankans living in the UK and around the world through the APSL- Emergency Relief Fund (APSL -ERF).

We are grateful to our donors for helping Sri Lanka in her hour of need.

Please continue to donate as they are receiving requests for further assistance daily.

Dr Leshan Uggalla – Vice President APSL -   079 69330078

Mr Thushara Madurasinghe – President APSL -   07737 307314

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