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Sesatha UK welcomes Cards2Lanka to bring a unique greeting experience to the Sri Lankan community in the UK.


We have the pleasure in introducing, who bring vibrance, uniqueness and speed to one of the most personal ways of connecting with family and friends in Sri Lanka.

Be it Vesak, a Birthday, a Wedding or any occasion you can think of, they have a collection of beautiful, exclusive, high quality, greeting cards and gifts, which are delivered in about two days to Sri Lanka. The cards are made unique by adding your personal photos (if you wish to do so) creating a truly personal connection.

For us in the UK, especially when we can’t travel easily any longer, there is no better way to surprise our family and friends with something they will hold and cherish and feel your love with.

You no longer have to wait weeks and there is no hassle of stamps, just go to and select and personalise your card and place your order. It will then be delivered to your loved ones doorstep, with your love and wishes from the UK to Galle, Jaffna, Colombo, Batticaloa and anywhere in between.

The cards are of high quality with the print similar to a photo, many often keep the cards on display at their homes long after receiving it, cherishing your wishes for longer, unlike a text message or video call.

Jacqueline and Bhakthi, both working moms came up with the idea and set up, like many of us being frustrated with the hassle and the time it took to send a greeting card from the UK to Sri Lanka.

They are also revolutionising the concept of sending a card with a proud Sri Lankan flavour, with new and uniquely Sri Lankan events and card designs included.

They have 5 star trustpilot reviews from customers from across the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France and Italy.

Create that unique greeting card by adding your personal photos (if you would like to do so) and create a truly personal connection in a few easy steps and surprise your friends and family today.

Steps to create and send that unique greeting card

1. Visit

2. Select any card you like from the many collections there

3. Here we have selected the “Aluth Avurudu 2021” card front the Sinhala & Tamil New Year collection

4. On the next page select your photo to add

5. Add your message and add to cart, checkout and pay

6. Your card will be printed and delivered to the address and person you provide in the shipping details.

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