Sri Lankan girl Nishi Uggalle from Manchester won Channel Four's Child Genius 2019

A 13-year-old girl Sri Lankan girl Nishi Uggalle, with an IQ higher than Einstein was crowned the winner of Channel 4's Child Genius 2019 after impressing with her exceptional spelling.

Dubbed the 'human calculator, Nishi, from Manchester, who attends a top grammar school, correctly spelled the word neurohypophysis to run away with the title.

Her Sri Lankan parents Neelanga Uggalle, who works in IT consultant, and her mother Shiromi Jayasinghe who works as an accountant, watched on from the audience.

she followed her win with an inspiring acceptance speech that touched heart's across the nation. Explaining her reason for entering the intelligence competition, the genius told the audience:

'It's been really incredible and William put up an incredible fight. One of the main reasons I entered myself in the competition was to show that there are a lot of stereotypes about girls not being able to do maths or physics for example,' she began. 'I'd like to show that that's not true at all.