2018 Vas Aradhana - Athula Dassana International Buddhist Vihara

Press Release

The Vas Aradhana at Athula Dassana International Buddhist Vihara was performed on 20th July 2018, on the Esala Full Moon Poya Day by Mr Asanka Hemachandra and his family, Mr & Mrs Senanayaka and family, Mr & Mrs Rathnayaka and family and Mr & Mrs Dharmawardene and family together with the other lay devotees of the Vihara.

They invited Most Ven. Wanduramba Kassapa Thero, chief incumbent of the Vihara to reside in the Vihara during the rainy (Vassa) season and assured to provide the basic requisites during the three months from the Full Moon of August to Full Moon of November.

Every Saturday  during ,the rainy season Athula Dassana International Buddhist Vihara be holding a number of  special Buddha Pooja, Dhamma sermons and Dhamma discussions. First of these special poojas; a Nawa ArahadiBuduguna Puja was held on the 4 th  August. Next Saturday (11 th  August) a special Dhamma sermon by Panamure Thapassi Thero, Enfield Abayarama Vidharshana Meditation Centre. All are welcome………………