The Annual New Year's Day Blessing Ceremony at the Athula Dassana International Buddhist Vihara

On 1st of January 2018 a special all day ceremony to invoke blessings for devotees for the new year 2018 was organised by the Athual Dassana Buddhist Vihara Committee under the guidance of Venerable Wanduramba Kassapa Thero; Chief Sanghanayake of Amarapura Sri Saddhamma Wansa Nikaya of Great Britain and the Head of the Athula Dassana International Buddhist Vihara. The day began at 7am with the offerings of Kiri Ahara (Milk Rice) Pujawa followed by religious observances. Every hour a Pirith Chanting Ceremony was held to bless the devotees. A large number of devotees; over 500, flocked to the Vihara throughout the day to participate in these religious activities and receive the blessings of the Triple Gem for the New Year. At 7pm, the day of religious activities came to an end with a special Buddha Bodhi Puja and Pirith chanting led by Venerable Wanduramba Kassapa Thero.