Mahamevnawa All Night Pirith Chanting and 'Love Over' 3D Short Film Broadcast

Press Release

On the 31 of December 2017, devotees from all around the UK gathered to the Wat Tyler Centre in Pitsea, Essex to participate in the year end Dhamma programme organised by the Mahamevnawa International Meditation Centre. The Dhamma programme commenced with a screening of a 3D animated short film 'Lover Over' in Sinhalese and English to an audience of approximately 400 people. Using 3D technology, this film vividly depicted the dire consequences that arise when children do not receive the parental love and care at the correct age and also the dreadful returns one would face in the human life and in hell for their evil deeds. It also illustrates how a misguided person gets proper direction and guidance to correct himself by associating with Noble friends. Subsequently, a Pirith chanting session in Pali and Sinhalese was held right throughout the night until daybreak the following day. The meritorious Dhamma programme concluded with the attendees receiving Pirith Pan and Pirith Nool by the most venerable Maha Sanga.

May everyone happily rejoice in these merits. May all have the great opportunity to realise the noble Dhamma! Namo Buddhaya!