The Annual Katina Ceremony organised by East London Buddhist Cultural Centre

Press Release

The annual Katina Ceremony organised by East London Buddhist Cultural centre was held on 08th October 2017 at the temple premises under the guidance of head of Vihara Ven. Makure Mangala Thero. Many devotees representing Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi Buddhist community attended this special religious event.

Along with other resident monks various venerable Monks from temples across United Kingdom attended the ceremony and took part in various religious activities throughout the day. This year’s katina was sponsored by Mr Saman Jayarathna’s family and Bangaldeshi devotees.

The ‘Katina robe’ was stitched at the temple premises accordance with the traditional Buddhist traditions. After the Buddha puja and dana for lay people Katina procession was held which was organised by the dhamma school chidren, teachers and parents. Then offering of Katina robe took place, this was the highlight of the afternoon as this is when the robe is offered to monk potent with spirituality and dedication to religious living during vas period.

Katina anisana dhamma discussion in Sinhala, Bangladeshi and English were delivered by various attending monks to conclude this eventful religious ceremony.