London Buddhsit Vihara Monthly Dhamma Talk

Photographs by Tissa Madawela

This month's monthly Dhamma Talk was held on Saturday the 5th at London Buddhist Vihara. The sermon base on Arya Ashtanga Marga or Path of Righteousness with emphasis on the exposition of Samma Ditti or the Right Views was delivered by an erudite young monk from Sri Lanka, Ven. Hokandara Pannawamsa Thera.

At present Ven. Pannawamsa Thera is conducting a "Crash Course in Meditation Techniques" held on every Friday 7 to 9 p.m. at the London Buddhist Vihara. Course will include five structured talks on the complete practice of Meditation and Meditation Techniques, covering all 40 Samatha objects and 16 Vipassana Knowledges. Next Meditation session will be held on Friday the 11th August. This course will continue till September 1st. Medium of instruction is in English.