Wesak at Mahamevnawa International Meditation Centre in the UK

  • Pictures by Tissa Madawela

This years Wesak Day programme organised by the Mahamevnawa International Meditation Centre in the UK attracted a large number of Sri Lankan as well as European devotees. Wesak celebrations included a day long religious programme for children and adults " Siri Gauthama Wesak Mangalyaya" held at the Wat Tyler Centre in Basildon and a unique "Wesak Kalapaya"with traditional Wesak illuminations and a food and Ice Cream Dansela held at the Asapuwa premisses. On the Wesak Full Moon day a Dana Seela Bhaawana programme was also held at the Asapuwa.

On the 6th May a large number of devotees observed Atasil. Special Wesak Day programme was also organised for the children. During the day Meditation, Dhamma sermon, Dhamma discussions and Buddha Wandana were held. Children of the Dhamma School chanted Mahaa Mangala Rathana and Karaneeya Meththa Suththa in Pali and English languages.

On the 6th and 7th week end a "Wesak Kalapaya" was held at the Asapuwa premisses in Billericay. The large ground was decorated with many different styles of Wesak Lanterns seen in Sri Lanka. Centre of the attraction was a "Wesak Thorana" depicting the well known Serivanija Jathaka story. At night the entire ground was eliminated with all the lanterns and the Pandal radiating colourful lights, bringing back blissful and blessed memories of a Wesak Day in Sri Lanka. A Coffee, Ice Cream and Rice and curry Dansal were also held in the evening. English and Sinhala copies of the publication "Dhammapada" written by Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thera was offered to every one attended as a "Dharma Dana".

On the Wesak Full Moon day a Dana,Seela and Bhawana programme was held at the Asapuwa with all the resident monks and many devotees attending.

Many dedicated devotees of the Asapuwa spent many a days in organising the programmes during these three days of Wesak and gained a vast amount of merits.